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Does The IRS Say You Owe Them Money?

If you owe the IRS or State Tax Authority, or if you’ve been threatened with, or are currently experiencing, an IRS levy of your bank account, lien on your property, garnishment of your wages, Government Pension or Social Security benefits, seizure of your assets or the denial or termination of a previous installment agreement, let the TaxMedics’ team assist you to fully resolve your IRS problems once and for all. We can stop most IRS levies and seizures very quickly in most cases.

Whether the IRS is demanding full payment of back taxes up-front or a payment plan that is higher than you can afford, we can set up an arrangement to pay the IRS for the lowest monthly amount allowed by law.

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CompromiseOffer in Compromise

Sometimes during our review of your case, we find you not only cannot pay your back taxes in full right now, but also owe the IRS more than you could ever afford to pay. When this happens a properly done Offer in Compromise, if accepted by the IRS, lets you satisfy your tax debt with one smaller amount in a full and final payment. You have to be able to prove that you have no reasonable way to pay the full amount. You are much better off using our TaxMedics team to work this strategy for you because taxpayers who try this on their own, without knowing the current guidelines and enforcement standards, often put themselves at risk of not qualifying for a settlement or paying more than the lowest amount allowed by law.

Payment PlansInstallment Payment Plans and Partial Pay Installments

If you can’t pay your back taxes in full, but could pay them back over time, we can negotiate you a monthly payment plan that is tailored your unique financial needs – including getting to set on your own monthly due date. Once we get an Installment Agreement in place, the IRS will stop levies and garnishments, and not start them up again as long as you make all payments and file all of your tax returns on time. On top of that, any future “failure to pay penalties” are usually reduced by 50%.

Unfiled Tax ReturnsDelinquent or Unfiled Tax Returns

You must file all of your late tax returns because until you do, the IRS will not entertain any type of tax settlement or payment plan to help you pay back taxes. We can assist in this situation even if you can’t find your old documents by accessing both the IRS records through the Transcript Section and “Freedom of Information” laws to learn what information the tax authorities used to assess back taxes, interest and penalties against you.

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Spouse ReliefInnocent Spouse Relief

If you can prove that you are an innocent spouse, as defined in the Internal Revenue Code, you may not be responsible for the tax debt caused by your current or ex-spouse. Our TaxMedics team can review this position for you, present the evidence and relieve you of tax obligations that may not be yours.

Payroll TaxPayroll Tax Issues

If you have delinquent payroll and employment taxes, it is important to resolve these quickly to protect the future of your company. The IRS makes a much higher priority to the collection of employment taxes than income taxes because it is money that you withheld from your employees paychecks that you failed to pay over to the government. Contact us immediately as our TaxMedics team members are experts in permanently resolving payroll tax problems.

GarnishmentWage/Pension/Social Security Garnishment

Facing your paycheck, pension payment, or Social Security payment being garnished can be devastating to you and your family. If the IRS is taking money from your paycheck, pension or Social Security, you can count on TaxMedics to release or modify the garnishment usually within 24-48 hours.

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Bank LevyBank Levy

When the IRS seizes your bank account and all the funds in it, it takes your breath away! If your financial account, or one of your family members because your name is on it, has been frozen by the IRS, TaxMedics can typically get it released or modified within 24-48 hours.

Penalty AbatementPenalty Abatement

The IRS sometimes forgives penalties on a case-by-case basis. TaxMedics knows how to make the case for you to fit within IRS guidelines if your circumstances support penalty abatement including the First Time Abatement program. The TaxMedics team can usually get rid of all or the majority of your penalty if you have a reasonable cause argument or fit within other legally defined categories.

Audit RepresentationAudit Representation

Have you received an audit notice from the IRS or State? Have you tried to talk with Auditor and are lost with what to do? Let the TaxMedics audit defense team speak for you and handle all the correspondence and any meetings required for the audit. If necessary and justified, TaxMedics will apply for an Audit Reconsideration to reverse or reduce any additional tax assessed in an audit.

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Currently Not CollectibleCurrently Not Collectible

Don’t have any money, called disposable income, to pay the IRS? Our TaxMedics team may be able to get the IRS to postpone collections for a period of time and not bother you while you get back on your feet.

Tax LienTax Lien

Do you have a Tax Lien affecting your credit score, your ability to sell your property, interfering with applying for a credit card, stopping you from a car, etc.? TaxMedics will work with the IRS to get the lean released or subordinated so you can go forward with your economic life – and then resolve your tax problem permanently.

IRS LettersIRS Letters You Don’t Understand?

Have you received Letters from the IRS or State saying you owe money that you don’t understand? Give yourself the peace of mind by having one of our specialists review the letter at no charge.

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