Be Smart and Use an LLC Operating Agreement

When you form an LLC, you need to draft articles of organization that comply with the state’s LLC act and then file the articles with the appropriate state office. Typically,

Non-Compete Agreements When Buying a Business

When you buy a business, you probably don’t want the former owners competing with you—at least not for a while. To prevent the competition, you will likely enter into a

Tax Credits for Obamacare Miscalculated By IRS

The Internal Revenue Service’s computer systems miscalculated the allowable Premium Tax Credits for more than 27,000 taxpayers who received subsidies for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, according to

PATH Act Overview Final: Charitable Contributions

AND FINALLY, WHAT CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS CHANGES? Charitable contributions of food inventory.  The enhanced deduction for charitable contributions of food inventory from corporate and non-corporate taxpayers has been made permanent and

PATH Act Overview Part 6: Changes For Individuals

ANY MODIFICATIONS AFFECTING INDIVIDUALS? Classroom expenses deduction.  The $250 above-the-line deduction for teacher classroom expenses has been made permanent. Also, effective starting in 2016 the $250 limit is adjusted for

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